The Permanent Joy of The Holy Spirit

What is the permanent joy that we derive in the Holy Spirit?

  1. The salvation of our soul. Declaration of our new birth. John 4:28-29
  2. The joy of the New birth in the CORNELIUS. ACTS 10:38-43, 44- 46

Let me end up with this testimony.

  • A man had been in a lodge (cult) of seven
  • He met with Christ who gave him Free Salvat
  • After the baptism he came to church on Sunday for thanksgiving, he tells of his commitment to the things of the GOD and not of the WORLD. He was finally transformed, and He cry bitterly.

If there is any one among us who have not tasted the new life in Christ this is the time for you yield Your life to Him. I pray that the Holy will touch and transform you into a new man.


Pastor Emmanuel Olusegun Medaiyese is the Snr Pastor and DCC Superintendent of CAC Surrey Docks DCC and Deputy Coordinator of Christ Apostolic Church in Europe. He’s the founding pastor of the church. He’s married to Lady Evang. Medaiyese and they are blessed with children and grand children.

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