Glory be to God for a new month like this to talk about the 3rd of the Trinity, that is, the Holy Spirit. This is our theme of the month as well as the theme of our Church Anniversary. This morning, I was led to speak to us about “The Promise Of The Holy Spirit”. Later on in the week, we shall hear more about His Personality, His Purpose, His Power and about the Joy of the Holy Spirit. During this year’s anniversary, we shall all be filled with the Holy Spirit and power in the name of Jesus. Amen.

The Holy Spirit In Creation And Before The Fall Of Adam

  • The Trinity created the heaven and the earth – Gen. 1:26
  • God made man out of dust, gave him the breathe of life and man became a living being – Gen. 2:7
  • The breathe of life is the Spirit of God who came to live inside of man, to give man wisdom, ability to think, rule and to dominate all other creatures, to fellowship with God and man.
  • But when Adam and Eve sinned by eaten the forbidden fruit, they became unclean and the Holy Spirit left them – Gen. 3:7-14

The Holy Spirit After The Fall Of Man

Since the fall of man, the Holy Spirit has not been dwelling inside of man, He will only come upon man for special assignments and go. He only came upon the Priests, Prophets and Kings for specific assignments and leave them afterwards.

Some Examples

  • The Spirit of God filled Bezalel to build the Tabernacle – (Exo. 31:1-5).
  • The Spirit of God came upon Samson to deliver him from his enemies (Jud. 15:13-15).
  • The Holy Spirit came upon Saul to rule the people of God as King (1 Sam. 10:6).
  • When Saul sinned but failed to repent, God anointed David in his place and the Spirit of God left Saul (1 Sam. 16:13-14)

The Promise Of The Holy Spirit In The Old Testament

Since the fall of man, our loving and faithful God has been looking for the way to restore man back to the time before the fall in which He had unbroken fellowship, communion and relationship with man. But this can not be done until man is redeemed, cleansed and restored from the effects of the fall. To achieve this lofty aim of God, He was sending His Prophets in the Old Testament to prophesy what He was planning to do. Let us consider few of these prophesies.

  1. The Prophecy Of Prophet Joel – Joel 2:28-32. The elements of this prophecy included:
  2. The Spirit being poured outon all flesh – Joel 2:28
  3. Sons and daughters of Israel prophesying , and Israel’s young and old men seeing visions and dreaming dreams.
  4. God’s Spirit being poured outupon His menservants and maidservants (including Gentiles) and their prophesying – Joel 2:29.
  5. The Prophecy Of Prophet Ezekiel – 36:26-27 The elements of this prophecy includes;
  6. God promised to put His Spirit “within you” (an indwelling)
  7. He will enable one to walk in His statutes and keep His judgments – this is the same as Rom. 8:11-13.

The Promise Of The Holy Spirit In The New Testament

  1. The Preaching of John the Baptist.He spoke of One coming who would “baptise you with the Holy Spirit” – Matt. 3:11; Mark 1:7-8; Luke 3:16
  2. The Teaching of Jesus.
    • The Spirit would be given to those who ask the Heavenly Father – Luke 11:13
    • The Spirit would be given as “living water” to all those who thirst and come to Him in faith and drink – John 7:37-39
    • The Holy Spirit shall be a Helper, and abide with them for ever – John 14:16-17
    • Jesus told His apostles to wait in Jerusalem until they received the “Promise of the Father” – Luke 24:49, Act 1:4-5
  3. The Preaching Of Peter. On Pentecost, Peter linked the outpouring of the Spirit to the prophecy of Joel – Act 2:14-16. In the course of his sermon, Peter;
    • Spoke of the outpouring of the Spirit as a promiseJesus received from the Father – Act 2:33
    • Offers the gift of the Spirit to all who repent and are baptised – Act 2:38
    • Says the promiseis to Jews and others -Act 2:39.

What promise did he talk about here?

  • The promise received by Christ, and now poured out by Christ – Act 2:33. b) The Spirit which Jesus Himself promised to believers – John 7:37-39
  • Act 2:39 shows that the gift of the Holy Spirit is to all, Jews and Gentiles, who accept that call of God.

In Conclusion, Brethren, we have seen that God since the Old Testament had promised a special dispensation of the Spirit to come. The one that would include the manifestation of special gifts, that would enable the people of God to keep His will. John and Jesus promised the baptism of Holy Spirit. Peter in his first gospel sermon, proclaimed this promise to be fulfilled with the outpouring of the Spirit on the day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit is available, willing and ready to fill us anew and afresh. The question is, are we ready for Him? If we are ready and open up our hearts, we shall be filled afresh this week, our lives and situations shall never remain the same in the name of Jesus. Amen. Remain blessed!


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