We All Need Revival!

“Today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as in rebellion” Heb. 3:7.

“If My people who are called by My name can humble themselves and pray, turn from their wicked ways and seek My face; I will hear from heaven, forgive them their sins and heal their lands” 2 Chro. 7:14.

 Dear Reader, people heard God’s voice in the past, and that was good. But it is also essential that we hear His voice in our days because yesterday’s unction is too old for today’s function. Today, the Holy Spirit is speaking a Word to the Church. God is calling His Church (you and I) to humble ourselves, pray, live a holy life, and seek His face not His hand only and be a witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We had better listen and obey because the bottom line on all that will take place as from now in His Church is: “Not by might (not by man) nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord Almighty” Zech. 4:6.

 God said, “If My people who are called by My name can humble themselves and pray, turn from their wicked ways and seek My face; I will hear from heaven, forgive them their sins and heal their lands” (2 Chro. 7:14). My friend, do you know that not everyone that calls the name of Jesus or go to church on Sundays is God’s people? His people are those who are born of water and spirit (John 3:5), those who receive Jesus into their lives and believe in His name (John 1:12); in short those who have personal relationship with Jesus. Are you one of God’s people? You can’t be a child of God and be keeping malice with Him. Prayer is communication with God. It isn’t a monologue but a dialogue – a two way conversation between you and God.

 My friend, it is important for you to understand that the desire to pray is not something you can work up in your flesh; rather, the Holy Spirit births the desire in you. If He has already implanted that divine desire in your heart, thank God for it. If not, ask Him to put it there today. He is God who answers prayers and gives liberally. Then, pray that God will help you to transform that divine desire into daily discipline. As the discipline to pray without ceasing is formed within you, discipline will change gears and prayer will no longer be a duty but will become a holy delight. It won’t be a spare tyre in your Christian walk with God but a steering wheel. My Dad told us that prayer is the staff that a Christian has to walk with God. That’s true!

My friend, listen! God longs to see our heart transformed into a House of Prayer. Why? Because there is so much He longs to do in us, for us and through us. But humility plus prayer plus repentance plus giving, which are all the result of love, faith, trust and hunger for God, equals revival. Therefore, as you begin to pray, a divine progression of transformation will take place within you. It was a normal business- as – usual in the temple at Jerusalem, just as it is in our churches today, until the moment Jesus walked in. My friend, where is Jesus in your life, marriage, home, church, ministry, or business? Is He inside or outside?

Seeing what was happening in the temple of God, Jesus’ grief joined hands with holy concern in the Spirit. After fashioning a whip from small cords, He strode purposefully towards the money-changers, the buyers and sellers of oxen, sheep and doves; forcefully driving them out of the temple. My friend, is that not what is happening in some of our churches today? Lots of dove sellers, familiar and Jezebel spirits, buyers and money changers! Even those who are suppose to be the leaders are robbers who cheat on the people, commercialising the Gospel of Jesus Christ, merchandising the people and taking large profits for themselves while the congregations are suffering. Can you see why you need discernment?

Before the amazed onlookers (spectators) could react on Jesus reaction in the temple, He was back, but this time to overthrow the tables and seats of the money-changers, dove sellers and those who use the temple as a market to buy and sell. The scattered coins were still spunned and rolled across the floor when Jesus declared with a thundered voice, “My house shall be called a house of prayer but you have made it a den of robbers” (Matt. 21:.13). My friend, I wondered how many dens of robbers are on our streets today that we named as a church after Christ. Some churches are splendid on the outside but on the inside, they are shrines and dens of robbers. This is why you must allow God to lead you and direct your steps before you join any local church as a member.

Aware that only the guilty will have something to fear, the blind and the lame thronged to Jesus in the temple, after the money changers, dove buyers and sellers, familiar and Jezebel spirits have been chased out. And He healed them all there amid the laughter, happiness and joyous hosannas of the children (the children of God). When the chief priests and the scribes angrily demanded that Jesus quieten the children’s joyous cries and shout of praise, He calmly countered them and said, “Have you never read, from the lips of children and infants God have ordained praise?” (Matt. 21:.14-16). 

 My friend, take a moment to observe the progression and transformation that Jesus desires to happen in your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit and in your local church as a house of God. First, Jesus cleansed the temple, causing it to become a House of Purity (Matt. 21:12). Then, He pronounced that it would be called a House of Prayer (Matt. 21:13). Next, the temple was transformed into a House of Power as the blind and the lame came to Him and He healed them all there (Matt. 21:14). And finally, the temple became a House of Perfect Praise (Matt. 21:16) as the children came with praises in their mouth to worship the Lord Jesus. Shouldn’t the same progression take place in your life, in your home, in your ministry and in your local church as from this moment? Ask God for revival to start with you! It is from us that it will flow to our family, community, nation and the entire world. Sincerely and truly speaking, we all need revival. Remain blessed!

Jesus is Lord!


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